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There is much to be said about the value of reading anointed material.

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Speak the Promise – Move the Mountain

Speak the Promise – Move the Mountain

Learning to constantly speak God’s WORD will empower your spirit and eventually move any opposition you are facing, Mark 11:23 does not lie. In the first few months, these words will seem ridiculous and far-fetched. The devil may even accuse you of lying. But how can you lie if you are speaking the WORD of TRUTH? So don’t let the devil choke that WORD. Remember, he is after that WORD, so guard it jealously and see mountains move.

Power in the Tithe
by Abraham S Rajah

The Tithe question has been debated for many years, but it remains an ancient covenant principle with the ability to activate divine results in ones life. this book is for those who appreciate this principle and want it to manifest in their lives.

God is able to touch us and impart to us what comes from the author.

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Believer’s Training Handbook

The BELIEVER’S TRAINING HANDBOOK is a complete teaching manual – designed to enable you to study major areas in the Bible without the expense and time required by formal institutions. It contains a “balanced diet” of the entire Bible.


The Leader’s Training Handbook is a tool designed to equip God’s modern-day leader with unchanging principles in a rapidly changing world.

The names of God reveal WHO HE IS and WHAT HE CAN DO. Meditating on these names will produce the faith in you that says: “really with Him nothing is impossible.”

Walking Daily in the Prophetic

The prophetic is simply the heart and mind of God revealed. God has amazing plans for your life, but without being taught and activated to move in the prophetic these plans can be difficult to get to. this book will not only teach you to hear the voice of God but also cause you to reveal God’s plans to others.