KBSM is not accredited with the department of education

Our Logo
•	Bow and Arrow: - Taken from Isaiah 58. These are weapons that can inflict serious harm to an enemy from a distance. God uses us as a mighty Army from His throne to advance His Kingdom.
•	Quiver: -A quiver is a bag used to carry arrows. They travel with the soldier and are ready to be released anytime. We trust God to place us as arrows in His quiver to release us in our proper time to cause harm to the enemy and gain the victory of Kingdom advancement.
•	Burning Seven Lamp Stands –The burning lampstands represent the Holy Spirit’s involvement in KBSM. Jesus said our effective witness of who He is only enabled by the power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8). Every student is therefore taught the active and highly important role of the Holy Spirit through teachings such as His fruit and His gifts, His Symbols, how to hear the voice of God A school without the flow and influence of the Holy Spirit becomes no more than an intellectual institution only pleasing the senses. When the Holy Spirit is present, He turns information to revelation, questions to encounters and principles to reality.
•	Earth and Stock of Harvest– We trust God to be part of the end-time harvest of souls. We believe this will be accomplished as more and more people are trained to become soul-winners and disciple-makers. Pray the Lord of the harvest send out workers to His harvest field - Luke 10:2

Welcome to the only Free Lecturer – Student Bible School in the World.

Mission Statement (What we want to do)

The “Kingdom Bible School of Ministry” (KBSM) is set up to be a Bible School teaching ALL things relevant to Scripture. As a learning institution, KBSM encourages the rigorous and intense study of the Word of God, believing that impactful Christian life begins with a strong foundation of the Scriptures.

Vision Statement (What we want to become)

  • To become a development agent of believers into their calling;
  • To become a resource centre where other ministries can learn and draw material from;
  • To develop believers and pastors in our material with the view of helping them start, manage and grow their own KBSM learning centres.

Method Statement (How we want to do it)

  • KBSM intends to teach the whole Word to the whole man. In the development of its course and materials, it aims to be holistic in its teachings.
  • KBSM is a school of ministry in its practicality. KBSM is a launching pad from which ministers can enter their God-inspired callings. It shall provide the foundation for ministry. Practical teachings such as demonstrating the kingdompreparing and preaching a sermonwinning the lost aim to do just this… for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry. Eph. 4:12
  • This is what we call the Reproducing Cycle. This is how it works: – Believers become Leaders who become Ministers who train Believers to become Leaders who become Ministers who themselves train Believers who become …. And so on. 

Free BIBLE SCHOOL Initiative

The mandate of KBSM is to release the Kingdom in every believer and thereby preparing them to demonstrate God’s Kingdom. KBSM aims to do this by giving access to sound doctrine to each believer.

He answered them and said, “The kingdom of God does not come with observation; nor will they say, ‘See here!’ or ‘See there!’ For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you.
– Luke 17:20-21

KBSM believes that EVERY person regardless of race, sex, religion, colour, background has a calling on their life.

THEREFORE, we shall invest in this understanding by charging No Tuition Fees for every student who enrols with us across all KBSM branches in the world. We only charge a small registration fee and book fee.

Accessibility of Material

Regarding teaching material we shall endeavour to:

  • Make material accessible worldwide;
  • Provide material on different platforms in different formats. EBooks, Cd’s, Paperbacks, Mp3, YouTube clips etc.;
  • Provide material at affordable rates;
  • Translate material into several different languages.

The TEAR Programme

The concept “TEAR” was given to describe the work of both Kings and Priests Int. Ministries and KBSM. It stands for Training, by Equipping, and Activating and Releasing.

Training – the process of learning the skills needed to do a particular job. In this case, the learning is done through studying, and the skills mean the necessary know-how and job is the ministry God has given each one of us. In other words, studying through KBSM will cause you to know how to serve God in the way He has called you.

Equipping – furnish or supply the tools needed to carry out one’s assignment. KBSM will equip you with these tools. The tools, in this case, mean the right resources you need to get the job done in whatever field you are called into.

 Activating – This stage involves the stirring up of the giftings and callings within every believer. This is done through several ways such as: Prophecy, involvement in practical exercises such as out-reach, laying hands on the sick, preaching etc.

Releasing– This simply means to “let go.” Jesus’s last instructions were for us to “GO” (Matt. 28:19). Every believer should come to the stage of going and imparting the knowledge they have learnt in training, and in turn become an instrument of the TEAR cycle.

KBSM Bank Details

Branch Code: 250 655
Account Number: 628 1250 8888
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ