The Local Church

God uses His local church to bring about His will in different areas. You cannot affect a community or the world without being fixed in the local church. Apart from being a Scriptural command, being in a local church is the best way for you to grow into your destiny. The devil and your flesh usually fights the commitment of church. Believers find themselves going from church to church or not attending for several reasons, including: (1) Laziness; (2) Offense against God because of a failed promise. (3) Offense against the pastor or teachers. (3) Disinterest. (4) Fear to commit. (5) Sin consciousness. (6) Their ‘gifts’ are not recognised. (7) Personal commitments on days of service.

Whatever reason a believer has, it does not make it valid to not be in church. Deal with your reasons with God and let Him help you overcome them. Watching Christian television, or listening to Christian television is not the same as being planted in a local church.


Reasons And Benefits Of Being Planted In The Local Church

  • It is an expression of your love to God – Above all reasons, giving your time and energy for time with God is your reasonable sacrifice for all He has done and for who He is. Being with other believers in a place set aside for God’s presence is a way of telling God how valuable He is. (Rom. 12:1; Ps. 22:22).

It is God’s instruction – The Bible says we should not forsake the gathering of believers. (Heb. 10:25).

  • It is a place to grow – The church is a place to learn God’s Word. God’s word produces spiritual growth which causes you to walk in promises of God. Sunday’s word or teaching can take you throughout the week and different seasons of your life. (Rom. 10:17).
  • It is a place to grow into your ministry – The Church is the best place to grow into your ministry or calling because of these reasons:
    1. Through pastors and leaders God discovers and grows your gifts.
    2. Church is a place where many people come with needs, where you can serve people’s needs.
    3. Most churches have different departments where you can test your passions and fit in. For example, audio, music, ushering etc.
    4. In church you are taught about ministry through teaching and through practice you are given an opportunity to develop your ministry.
    5. Church atmosphere can activate your spiritual gifts.
    6. When you go to church, you are telling God to use you, because He is always looking for labourers. (Matt. 9:37).
  • It releases different corporate blessings including:
  1. Corporate growth – Growing as part of a Body makes your gifts and ministry more impactful. Growing with other believers also encourages you to press on.
  2. Corporate faith – Through corporate prayer and faith more pressure is put in the spirit realm to manifest prayers and blessings. ().
  3. Corporate visitation – God visits any place where His name is honoured in a special way. (Matt. 18:20). With His presence comes many other benefits, like joy, deliverance, faith, His voice, His direction, etc.
  4. Corporate praise and worship – Corporate praise and worship releases God’s presence in a different way, causing you to ascend into deeper and higher levels with Him.
  5. Corporate vision – The local church is where God gives a vision for many people. Your pastor may have a vision from God but without co-builders in the local church this cannot happen. Whether it’s winning souls, feeding the poor, or interceding. The more people present the larger the impact.
  • You gather with other believers – Our relationship with God involves loving Him and loving others, especially other believers. Church is a place where you express that love to others. (Gal. 6:10).