What is a vision without the visionaries, right?


In the year 2007, in a small landlocked country called Lesotho, Abraham and Hephzibah Rajah heard the call of God over their lives.

The instruction was simple, you two must get married, pack your bags, and soon as you are done with university, go to Johannesburg, and there I will use you.

Without seeing how they could possibly make it, with no jobs or right to practice law, they knew somehow their faith and obedience would make a way.

So they heeded the call and put all of their belongings in a small car and headed for a foreign land.

Since the invitation from heaven to touch God’s people, they have both completed their law degrees and both practised law at the Johannesburg Bar.

Today Advocate Hephzibah Rajah continues to practice law. She has been graced by God to be involved in some of the country’s top profile cases while working with some of the most respected Advocates in her profession. Over the years, she has been involved in cases such as PIC/Steinhoff, NPA/Jacob Zuma, State Capture Commission, and the office of the presidency and many other prominent clients.

Dr. Abraham S Rajah has thrown himself completely into the call of the Church. 

He has now authored over 15 books with more on the way. His books are available all over the world, and he regularly receives responses internationally of the impact of his material, and his TV show Kingdom in you.

His books have been recognized by some prominent voices in the Church with one of them winning an international award from his publishers in the United States for record sales.

He has also recently branched out as an entrepreneur embarking on projects such as real estate, transportation and housing.

This amazing couple, covered only by God’s grace, have recently celebrated their 12th Wedding Anniversary and while raising four beaut\’iful children, they continue to strive in following “that Voice”,  that has brought them this far. Who can say what accolades we will be adding next?